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United Consultants (Schweiz)

Unfortunately United Consultants doen't exist anymore.
After being sold a second time - (Corebit, IconMedialab) most people left this company. 
But most of these highly professional people are still working with Silverstream products.
This has forced me to change the sense of this page completely.

This website is currently under construction.
In the future I would like to share experience about Silverstream related projects with you.

This site is completely independend from Silverstream Software Corporation.

Client-/Server, Inter-/Intranet, Informationsystems


Dominik Baer


To give you access to the old website you may use these links till the new site is ready.
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Silverstream Support (german)       01 / 4479060
Silverstream Support (french)     022 / 7100037
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Silverstream Experience

  • Integration with SAP (using own connection pool)
  • Accessing Twixtel API using DSO
  • JDBC-access using Oracle Stored Procedures 
  • PDF-Generation with 2 API's
  • Gif/Jpeg Generation
  • Silverstream Security 
  • Generating Javadoc
  • Robust programming

Feel free to contact (+41 76 384 0101) me for further discussions or to order sample code mailto:dbaer@unitedconsultants.ch



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Profitline's fondshop powered by Silverstream.

First and very successful Silverstream project for me and Corebit in Switzerland.
We delivered the first online fondshop within 8 weeks of development.
Our team was able to setup Silverstream application server and integrate existing database.
The solution includes PDF-Generation, Global Site Certificates etc. 

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Silverstream Best Application Server

Java Developer's Journal - Editor's Choice: Best Java Application Server" Award
Java Developers Journal, one of the premier print publications for Java professionals, presented SilverStream with an "Editor's Choice Award" for "Best Java Application Server" at the Java Business Conference in New York (Dec 1999). The award recognizes industry-leading products in several categories that provide business solutions with Java.

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German speaking Silverstream User Group

More information at www.catsoft.ch

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